Angry Arsenal fans calls for Wenger axe

A very angry Arsenal fan was interviewed after the game against Leicester and he already wants Wenger out of the club.

He was upset to have travelled all the way from Tottenham to see his side fail to come away with the three points and it served as the tipping point for his rant.

This is despite an unbeaten run so far in the campaign.

At the start of the video, a fan interrupts and says” “I’ve had enough..Wenger? Nah, mate, not for me.

“He’s like a dictator, ignoring what the fans and everyone around the club are telling him: sign a striker!”

Some fans seem a bit fickle after having raved about Wenger doing so well in this transfer window, yet when they are failing to win want the manager out. It’s a funny video to watch. This fan needs to calm down a bit!