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Arsenal boss calls for stricter drug testing

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger

Arsene Wenger has spoken out about drug testing and his concerns that anti-doping tests are not strict enough in football.

The Arsenal boss believes that the Anti-Doping system is flawed in football because it is not strict or thorough enough which enables players to escape detection, according to The Sun.

“I don’t think we do enough. It is difficult to believe you have 740 players at the World Cup with zero problems,” he said.

“UEFA’s doping control do not take blood, they only take urine. I have asked many times for that to change.”

John Fahey, president of the World Anti-Doping agency has backed Wenger on his opinion. He believes that footballers should be tested more regularly for EPO-a blood boosting drug. Fahey believes that by introducing biological passports for sports stars like in cycling and tennis, that it will eliminate drug issues. Biological passports will show up any changes in body chemistry.

“I saw some examples recently in tennis, where senior players were  saying  they were not tested terribly regularly. I would say tennis can do  more, as can  football,” said Fahey.

“I simply say this about football — they are not testing enough for EPO. They  can do more and we encourage them to do more.

“While testing is a good deterrent factor and may be an effective way of  catching people, I would argue the athlete biological passport is a very  effective tool. Why isn’t football using it?”

In response, a spokesman for the FA reiterated their drug testing policy and reassured that everything was working as it should be. The FA run their own extensive drug testing programme and confirmed in a press release that they: “operate one of the largest and most comprehensive drug testing and education programmes in the world. This includes both urine and blood tests, while the FA regularly tests for EPO. We also conduct blood testing for Human Growth Hormone and run a blood-profiling programme.”

FIFA have confirmed that they will be collecting blood and urine specimens to start building biological profiles of all the participants in the Confederations Cup and World Cup 2014.

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Article title: Arsenal boss calls for stricter drug testing

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