Arsenal boss wasn’t joking when insisting he’d be ‘very active’ today

So it appears Arsene Wenger wasn’t messing about when he said he would be ‘very active’ today after yesterday’s 1-1 draw at Leicester.

The disappointing result further highlighted Arsenal’s desperation for a top quality striker and the Frenchman was asked whether he’d spend the final hours of the transfer window thrashing out a deal for one.

He insisted he’d be ‘very active,’ which put some Arsenal fans’ minds at rest. Well, that was until they found out what ‘very active’ actually meant in his book.

That’s because Wenger isn’t in his office working hard to get the striker his side and the fans so desperately need. He’s actually in Rome refereeing a charity match.

Yep, you read that right. Arsene Wenger is spending the day in Rome referring a charity match instead of trying to get business done at Arsenal. You really couldn’t make it up.

And Arsenal fans are understandably livid about the whole thing…