Arsenal epically trolled by Liverpool icon

Selfies are becoming all he rage in football nowadays. From Francesco Totti’s unorthodox celebration for Roma after he netted against Lazio to various clubs banning ‘selfie sticks’ in the stands, pictures that feed into our social media absorption are everywhere. And one Premier League club above all others are committed to the Twitter and Instagram trends… Arsenal. The majority of the Gunners’ first-team players seem addicted to giving us all a glimpse into life off the pitch, with images of themselves in the gym, on the training field or, most frequently, celebrating a win commonplace.

Although harmless, one pundit hates their antics, and that is Jamie Carragher. The Liverpool idol is now part of Sky Sports’ top-class Monday Night Football coverage, and he used his moments on screen to lay into the north London club:

“It was one giant going to another giant. Of course celebrate, but it’s nonsense all of these team pics in dressing rooms – normally you have them with a cup! It’s nonsense and they need to stop doing it.”

‘Carra’ then, once the cameras were off, trolled the major culprit, Aaron Ramsey, with a cheeky Twitter post. Classic!

Great team effort, everyone worked their socks off #AFC

Una foto publicada por Aaron Ramsey (@aaronramsey) el