Arsenal fan goes ‘full kit’ at own wedding … Bride surprisingly impressed

Half and half scarves are a modern evil. They ignite the passions of true fans like little else. When you see one, the heart starts racing and the face gets redder. It’s like Sir Alex Ferguson after a bad refereeing decision.

They show a lack of commitment to one club. A host of ‘event junkies’ who go to games not to support a team but just so they can save the ticket stub and show everyone that they’ve been to ‘the event’. It’s like going to a rock concert for them.

And then there’s the opposite. The super fan. The fan whose entire life revolves around one club. And while we can do nothing but applaud their attempts at fanhood, sometimes it can be taken just a little too far – like these French St Etienne fans who smashed up a wedding, believing that it was the wedding of a Lyon fan, though it turned out they wrecked the wrong wedding.

And this Arsenal fan has also taken it to a level where you start to groan a little. This Arsenal fan has taken the art of super-fanning to a dangerous level, actually getting married in a full Arsenal kit!

You wonder what his wife must have been thinking, though, rather supportively, she herself wore a red dress, presumably in honour of her new husband’s beloved Gunners. However dedicated he is to his club, it seems she is just as dedicated to him too!