Arsenal Fans clearly excited with Ozil transfer

Arsenal forward Mesut OzilMesut Ozil’s signing brought a huge smile to all the Arsenal fans and a number of Gooners stormed the Armoury yesterday to buy one of the Germany international’s newest shirts.

Football Fan Cast visited the Emirates and got to speak to a few supporters about the North London club’s biggest signing. Some of them had already bought the shirt with the number 11 on the back and some were about to get one themselves.

“It is fantastic, we needed a name like this for quite some time,” said Alex who just bought an Ozil shirt along with his friend Roy. “I have never felt the need to come down and get a player’s name on a shirt when they’ve been signed, so I’m really pleased.”

Roy added: “We’ve been waiting for ages. It’s about time that they pulled something out of the hat, it was worth the wait and hopefully there will be more in the future.”

However those two Gooners were not as excited as the next ones. Miles and Michael were absolutely ecstatic about that transfer and couldn’t wait to get their hands on one of the 24-year-old’s shirts.

“It’s about bloody time. It’s about eight years in the making,” said Miles who believes that Ozil can restore content to the Emirates after the departure of their previous stars.

“He can pass, he can create an attack, he can assist and he is like a new Bergkamp. A big name can encourage the team.”

His friend Michael is “over the moon” after that turn of events and said:  “This is what every Arsenal fan was waiting to see. Fantastic player, he can do anything. We needed someone to step up and push the team and Ozil is definitely this sort of player as you can say he is one of the best attacking midfielders in the world. That signing can boost the team’s morale.”

Ben had just purchased a shirt and wore it immediately with pride, but he also expected a few more transfers: “It came down to the wire but I’m glad we got someone in a position that we are sorely lacking depth in. I would have liked to see a centre-back but we got some centre defensive and Ozil.

I was relieved after the announcement. It took a long while, we knew it was going to happen but throughout the entire day we were just hoping it would be made official.”

The German forward is very talented, has made a name for himself in Madrid and impressed during the 2010 World Cup. He is a player that is expected to offer a lot of solutions up front and make things a lot easier for Wenger. However, he will not be able to do a lot on defense where the Gunners might be a little exposed this season, and that is something the fans are fully aware of.

Nevertheless, it is certain that all the Gooners will be chanting Ozil’s name a lot this season and the German is expected to create a lot of magical moments at the Emirates.