Arsenal fans do not like the suggestion that 100 points is better than the Invincibles

As Manchester City clinched a record breaking 100-point haul in the Premier League, the comparisons with the Invincibles Arsenal team of 2003-04 were always inevitable.

Is it better not to lose a single game but to have 12 draws or to lose twice but pick up a record number of wins, goals and points?

That debate can rumble on but it is clear that Arsenal fans are not keen on the suggestion that a team may have bettered their achievement – especially in the same season that legendary manager Arsene Wenger stepped aside and they want to savour his glories after years of forcing him out.

The objective is to get as many points as possible so some might argue that City’s is the greater achievement.

However, it is key to mention that both seasons came as European glory – that really should have been clinched or at least brought closer to assert the European dominance of two teams who swept all before them at home – slipped away early…