Arsenal fans go mental over transfer!

Sky Sports News Presenter Jim WhiteSky Sports News has become infamous for placing numerous reporters around the training grounds and stadiums of every Premier League club on deadline day. As their coverage has grown, so has the cult for transfer deadline parties and having 15 minutes of fame it seems.

Yesterday, the sports channel’s presenters had to frequently apologise for rude gestures from youthful fans standing behind their reporters which admittedly is funny for many people to watch. The excitement of the transfer window was experienced nowhere more than among Arsenal fans with the atmosphere of those behind the reporter epitomising the delight of Gunners to the news that Arsene Wenger has actually got out his chequebook (better late than never) to sign Mesut Ozil.

Spare a thought for reporter Geraint Hughes though. At times yesterday he resembled a school teacher rather than a reporter telling fans to shut up so he could bring the latest news to the nation. At one point he was even egged-of course this was hilarious to watch. It seems that bouncers were also called to keep the order but as the video shows Geraint was firmly thrown into the party with the Arsenal fans whether he liked it or not. Even though he calls them a ‘great bunch’ I think his body language tells a different story! It’s all hilarious TV though and we’ll all be looking forward to more of the same come the end of January!

[youtube 5EX79W9Avl0]