Arsenal fans not sure how to react to Tottenham Hotspur’s thumping win over Manchester United

Being an Arsenal fan means intrinsically holding a hatred for North London rivals Tottenham Hotspur.

As well as that, due to the club’s history, which included jostling for the Premier League title against Manchester United, fans also have an intense rivalry with the North-West team.

On Monday night, those associated with the Gunners witnessed their two enemies going head to head at Old Trafford.

Jose Mourinho’s tough start to the season did not get any easier as his Red Devils were beaten 3-0 on home soil.

It was an exciting first half as United showcased a more attacking flair than in previous Mourinho-led matches.

However, they ended up getting picked apart by Tottenham, who did not make a single signing during the summer transfer window.

Harry Kane opened the scoring and Lucas Moura netted twice to give Spurs their third win on the bounce.

Via Reddit, some Arsenal fans were left with mixed feelings as they were happy to see United lose, but felt an uneasy at the thought of celebrating a Tottenham win.

Others, though, were more than satisfied with the result.