Arsenal fans rage at Bellerin over comments about early-season form

Arsenal fans have become used to seasons of underwhelming football but one of the reasons why this season has seen the voices of discontent reach their highest ever levels has been the absence of any peaks to go with the troughs.

It seemed as if the Gunners accepted coming sixth at an early stage and their away form has been completely below-par, undermining their attempts to progress.

So, Hector Bellerin’s comments about doing well until November – to a fashion house by the name of Mr Porter, as per the Evening Standard – may well have surprised the club’s fans to say the very least.

Angered may well be a better term to describe the Gunners fans – although that could be their permanent state of being – but this time they are fuming over the perceived inaccuracy of the way the man valued at £36m by Transfermarkt has assessed their season.

We’ve taken a closer look at the best of the reaction…