Arsenal fans still not convinced with transfers

Arsenal midfielder Mathieu FlaminiMesut Ozil’s transfer at Arsenal has brought plenty of excitement but the fans are still very aware that more signings needed to be made.

The Gunners have completed two free transfers in Yaya Sanogo and Mathieu Flamini and have also brought Italian goalkeeper Emiliano Viviano on a loan deal from Palermo. Supporters though believe that Arsene Wenger should have also signed a defensive midfielder and a striker.

Evan seemed the most critical about this year’s transfers. Although he is very happy with the Ozil signing, which he calls “an unbelievable transfer”, he would have loved to see a defender joining the squad, such as Swansea’s Ashley Williams.

“Still very disappointed,” he said. “Two free transfers, one unknown player and one for far too many millions.

“He (Ozil) isn’t what Arsenal needed. He is still an unbelievable signing but I think Arsenal could have gone for a defender or a defensive midfielder but still is a really good player.”

He added nevertheless that Arsenal can now take pride about having a world class player in their squad.

Amin was very surprised when he heard about Ozil agreeing with Arsenal. However, he thinks that his club paid a lot of money for just one player when they could have invested in two or three other footballers.

“We’re missing a striker,” he said. “I was hoping to see Demba Ba coming but now I think is too late.”

Miles and Michael were two of the most excited fans we encountered during our visit at the Emirates. They both agree that Viviano can offer plenty of competition to their starting keeper Wojciech Szczesny and make him improve. However, they do think that Wenger should have done more to bring Demba Ba to North London.

Roy had just bought an Ozil shirt with his friend Alex and has a lot of faith in his club’s very first transfer this summer. I think Sanogo has got a lot of potential and I think that when we play him at the Capital One Cup he will show the fans what he is about.”

Ben agrees that Viviano will help Szczesny improve but doesn’t expect much out of Sanogo yet. Nevertheless, he was very impressed with Flamini’s performance against Tottenham last week.

The Gunners seem to have completed their transfers for this season but they still have the chance to sign a few free agents by September 15. Arsenal could definitely benefit from a defender and a striker as Olivier Giroud seems like Wenger’s sole solution up front.