Arsenal keeper’s humiliation summed up in one stat

As a bad night gets just a little bit better for Arsenal, it’s time to reflect on the man having the worst night at times like this.

Although he’s pulled off at least one magnificent save tonight, Cech has been beaten four times, and it could be more by the end of the evening.

It’s not his fault, but as a keeper you can play very well and still be beaten a humiliating number of times. It’s just part of the job.

And it’s part of the job that Cech knows about all too well in the Champions League. As this stat proves.

It’s a stat that both praises and demeans Cech, really. To have conceded the most is rarely a good record to have, but in this case he’s in exalted company. In order to have conceded 100 goals in the Champions League, you have to have played a fairly large number of Champions League games – or else you have to have been a very bad keeper indeed.

Cech may have conceded a ton of goals, but he can rest easy in the knowledge that he’s probably saved his sides more times than he’s let them down.