Arsenal need to give Allegri the money he wants but not shout about it

Juventus manager Max Allegri wants the Arsenal board to pledge to spend £200m on new players in order for him to agree to become the club’s new manager when Arsene Wenger leaves the club, according to the Sun. 

Arsenal should back the 50-year-old to that degree but not let the whole world of football know that they have, or else they will see their quoted transfer fees go up across the board this summer as they seek to apply surgery to Wenger’s squad.

What’s the story, then?

The report claims that Allegri wants five players in order to overhaul the squad he would inherit at the Emirates and believes that would cost in the region of £200m.

It goes on to say that Allegri wants to ensure that he has the resources to create a successful squad and after studying the Gunners’ current ranks, has delivered a report on where he feels the club needs to improve.

The idea behind the demands is reportedly ensuring that Arsenal are competitive at home and abroad; he feels that spending is required in order to achieve that.

Back Allegri on the quiet

Whenever a club goes shouting about how much money they have to spend, the prices they are quoted go through the roof and all that happens is they find it harder to grab value in the marketplace.

That is why it might be that Arsenal’s reported £50m warchest is a ruse in order to keep the football world in the dark over the club’s real financial clout and allow Allegri to spend without prices getting silly.

There is little doubt that the squad needs surgery and not shouting from the rooftops about exactly how much Arsenal are willing to spend to make it happen is the wisest strategy.