Arsenal owner discusses transfer saga

Luis Suarez ( Liverpool )

Arsenal’s majority shareholder Stan Kroenke has revealed Arsenal have held ‘good natured’ talks with Liverpool since the Luis Suarez saga in the summer, according to the Daily Mirror.

The clubs were at the centre of the summers longest running saga, which saw Arsenal see several bids for the Uruguayan forward rejected by the Reds.

Liverpool owner John W. Henry famously tweeted: “What do you think they’re smoking over there at the Emirates?” following the Gunners bid of £40million and an extra £1, but Kroenke has revealed he is still on good terms with his fellow countryman after the saga.

“We were at a media conference in Sun Valley this summer, both of us were there,” said Kroenke. “Before I was getting there – and we have a lot of friends in common and I know John pretty well – people were already texting me, ‘John says you can have Suarez.’

“Of course, John hadn’t said anything. They were just trying to get it all going. It was good-natured ribbing.

“Look, Arsene had a view, our team had a view, they had a view. Their view was he wasn’t going anywhere. I never saw them waver from it.

“I guess, at some level, there is a number that gets anybody out of anywhere but there was nothing within the realm of what we knew about that could have got him out of there. There were people over there that were saying if he left, there was nothing left.

“If those people believed that and John thought they believed that, it is a real problem because then it’s like, ‘Can you get him to play?’ That would be very difficult even at whatever number you could get.”