Arsenal players left stunned

citroenarsecarousel_940x0Keepy-uppies, dribbles, headers – footballers have all the tricks. Granted most training sessions won’t  be about who can do the most headers, or whether you can kick the ball and catch it on the back of your neck, but I would put  good money on most footballers being able to pull out a good party-trick or two involving a ball.

These tricks are all very well and good, but they soon become a little trivial when a professional trickster comes on the scene.

Drummond Money-Coutts is an English magician and card master known for his card trick film productions and various stunts. So when he turned up at the Arsenal training ground, and met players Szczesny, Mertesacker, Ramsey and Giroud none of them quite knew what to expect.

What he showed them was exactly how to execute the perfect ‘party trick’. In an illusion that would blow any amount of keepy-uppies out of the water, we see Money-Coutts make four incredibly accurate predictions using a Cabrio Car, with the trick now being dubbed ‘The Amazing Cabrio Car Trick’. We are definitely still reeling from it…