Arsenal star’s Q&A hilariously backfires as trolls rip him to shreds on Twitter

The internet is a funny old place. A place where you can apparently say what you want to who you want without ever having to worry about the potential consequences.

Indeed, if you called a young adult male a four-letter word whilst jostling with him for bar space in a night club, he’ll probably try to punch you in the face. If you do it on the internet, however, you usually get away scot-free as online peers relentlessly applaud you.

And there is no more accommodating scenario for such trollish acts than Twitter Q&A sessions – greasy PR opportunities that more often than not turn into complete PR disasters as celebrities are posed the most awkward and offensive questions known to man.

Exhibit A? Jack Wilshere’s #AskJackWilshere social media campaign held earler today, which quickly turned into a circlejerk of berating the Arsenal and England midfielder about his smoking habits, injury problems, stuttering career and well… anything else you could verbally hit him over the head with.

Here’s the best tweets from #AskJackWilshere…