Arsenal target seeks Zlatan’s wisdom

Super Mario is up to his old tricks once again. The former Manchester City striker, rumored to be moving to both Arsenal and Liverpool this summer from AC Milan, posted a video of himself ironing his shirts.

Oh, and of course he himself was shirtless, dancing to Mariah Carey, and reading Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s autobiography entitled ‘I am Zlatan’.

Because what else would Balotelli do on a Tuesday afternoon in Italy?

Seriously, can these two just have their own reality television series together already? They would provide endless comedy without even trying, and we all know this because they already do.

There’s no telling what sorts of things they would do together. Honestly, how fun would it be watching them do typical, everyday tasks that most of us do all the time?

Also, great product placement for Puma by Balotelli on this one. They’ve been in the news about his transfer rumors before, so great job by Super Mario keeping them in the spotlight.

Although, his ironing skills could definitely use some work. Those clockwise motions are leaving far too many creases on the sleeves…