Arsene Wenger still has support in some areas

Arsenal manager Arsene WengerArsene Wenger dealt with a lot of criticism by frustrated Arsenal supporters during this summer because of the lack of signings. But it seems like the Mesut Ozil transfer has restored a good relationship between him and the fans.

Football Fan Cast went to the Emirates yesterday and got to hear the supporters thoughts about the 63-year-old manager. The Gooners still seem to have faith in him; however they do realise that he could have done more when the transfer window was wide open.

“He’s pushed me to the edge to be honest,” said Alex who had just bought an Ozil shirt and started taking photos of it. “But I think it’s not solely his fault because the club have a lot to answer for as well.

“But he’s definitely done what the club needs with a marquee signing and got a lot of people off his back and everyone is really happy. He’s got my belief at the moment.”

It seems like the late transfer of Germany international Mesut Ozil restored serenity at the Emirates as the fans calmed down and the media are no longer giving Wenger a hard time.

Just like all other fans, Andrew believes that the Frenchman has always been a formidable manager; however this summer he did manage to push a few buttons.

“I’ve always thought he is a fantastic manager,” said the Arsenal fan. “I know he is a little bit of trouble because he hasn’t signed anybody else in the whole transfer window, for any money anyway. But I think he is an experienced manager and we’ll definitely qualify at the Champions League again and finish at the Top 4.”

Miles and Michael were both very thrilled with the signing of the former Real Madrid footballer but when they were asked about the Gunners’ manager they both sighed.

“Wenger will be Wenger,” said Miles. “He is trying to get the cheap buys. Fellaini and Sanogo are not really what I was looking for.”

His friend Michael seems less critical and more faithful to Wenger: “We could have got a couple of more players but I think the Ozil transfer has done more than enough. It has balanced it out.”

The 63-year-old has been the coach of Arsenal since 1996, he has won the Premier League three times, and the FA Cup as well as the Community Shield four times. He led the Gunners into an unbeaten Premier League season in 2004 as well as the final of the 2006 Champions League.

It looks like the ‘Wenger Out’ supporters are falling short to the ‘In Wenger We Trust’ slogan as the North London club has probably made the biggest signing of the summer and have also improved on the pitch, especially after a win against rivals Tottenham. It also seems that Arsenal are indeed more than capable to rise above the challenge of their Champions League opponents.

“He’s a great manager. He can be a bit frustrating at times but he always knows what’s best” said Ben who was already walking outside the Emirates with an Ozil shirt.