Can you tell the difference between these Arsenal stars?

Aspiring Premier League referees, pay attention.

Years of intensive training and studying has been found to no longer be necessary for those aspiring to officiate in the top flight of English football.

Scientists have miraculously managed to compress all of the relevant knowledge and practices into a straightforward online quiz.

Open to the general public, it is rumoured to be part of the Football Association’s latest recruitment drive to convince young people to take up refereeing. No prior experience or knowledge of the sport is required.

Don’t hesitate, YOU should apply here:

While Marriner awaits to hear his fate from the FA, football fans on social media have been bragging about their now confirmed ability to tell the difference between Kieran Gibbs and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.

Upon successful completion, fans are told that they are now eligible to be an FA Premier League referee.

Perhaps we finally have an explanation for Stuart Atwell after all.