Did Arsenal ever even require this star’s services?

Back towards the beginning of this ever uncertain 2015 summer transfer window, it was almost being taken as a known fact that Chile’s Arturo Vidal would be signing for Arsenal in the run up to the new season, despite the clear lack of concrete evidence backing up such a claim.

Several news outlets from far and wide were reporting of the close nature of the deal, suggesting that some real transfer-fuelled excitement was just waiting around the corner for Gunners fans with the 2015/16 season fast approaching.

However, as is usually the case within the false-rumour ridden summer transfer period, no such move eventually took place for Arsene Wenger’s side – with the ever formidable Bayern Munich looking increasingly likely to step in where Arsenal seemingly failed to assert themselves.

So then, with the former Bayer Leverkusen man supposedly set on making a dramatic return to the Bundesliga this summer – have the Emirates faithful become the victims of yet another frustrating summer transfer saga recently – or was the high profile signing of Arturo Vidal actually a rather unnecessary move that Arsenal were better off avoiding in the run up to the new campaign anyway?

Whilst Arsene Wenger has traditionally remained somewhat conservative with his club’s resources throughout the years, perhaps it’s fair to suggest that even if Arsenal had paid way over the odds for Vidal this summer, the Emirates faithful would have largely still been overjoyed by the news. Sometimes biting the bullet and getting the cheque-book out becomes a distinct requirement for signing top stars in the modern era.

When it comes to breaking up play effectively in the middle of the park, determining a clear foot-hold for his side through his aggressive nature amongst the opposition, and possessing an impressive – yet albeit rather understated – ability to score fine goals from outside the box, Arturo Vidal proves to be a winner time and time again.

The Chilean international has also become well liked within Serie A thanks to his admirable never-say-die attitude and boundless energy throughout each 90 minutes. Such a vast array of skills were successfully put on offer for the world to see throughout this summer’s Copa America tournament – where Vidal’s Chile took the competition by storm and eventually lifted the trophy.

Perhaps it’s then fair to say that Arsenal could have well done with someone like Arturo Vidal across the coming season. Wenger certainly needs another ball winner to partner Francis Coquelin in his midfield if the Gunners are to prove successful, and without someone of the ‘Vidal mould’ among the ranks at the Emirates next term, the North Londoners could well find themselves struggling when the injuries inevitably hit Arsenal’s squad mid-way through 2015/16.

Bayern Munich have therefore done well to land the current Juventus man this summer. The combative midfielder will certainly prove an adequate replacement for Bastian Schweinsteiger going into the new season – whose ageing nature somewhat devalues his overall ability at this current stage.

However, such a situation is simply not that cut and dry for Arsenal this summer, despite the clear need to bolster the Gunners’ ranks ahead of the new campaign.

Whilst Arturo Vidal would have certainly brought his fair share to the table at the Emirates next term, his distinctive box-to-box nature is simply an area of Arsenal’s game that doesn’t really need much cover.

The Gunners already have several key players ready and willing to take up such a position – and although the likes of Jack Wilshere, Aaron Ramsey and Santi Cazorla may not fill the role perfectly for Arsene Wenger, their presence in the middle of the park should be more than enough for the Emirates faithful to remain satisfied. Arsenal quite frankly don’t require another player like Vidal ahead of the new campaign.

The Gunners could ultimately do with another defensive midfielder throughout the 2015/16 season, however, someone who plays in a similar fashion to the recently emerged Francis Coquelin at the Emirates would be preferable. A brave, no-nonsense tackler, with a predominantly defensive mind-set is just the player Wenger needs if he doesn’t want to witness another capitulation mid-way through the season next term. The likes of William Carvalho and Lars Bender could potentially do a better job for the Gunners with all things considered.

Therefore, whilst Bayern Munich have seemingly impressed many by reportedly landing Arturo Vidal this summer, Arsenal haven’t done themselves an injustice by not shelling out the cash for the South American’s services in the run up to the 2015/16 season. Money doesn’t grow on trees at the Emirates after all…