Dinamo Zagreb vs Arsenal confirmed starting xi

After a sleepy, almost coma-like transfer window, Arsenal come into the Champions League group stage with a little bit of pressure.

The failure to land a striker – or any outfield player for that matter – has featured heavily in the narratives of Arsenal’s games this season. There’s now a choice for Arsene Wenger to make, does he go with the pace of Theo Walcott, who has scored in his last 11 starts for Arsenal or does he go for the guile and style of Olivier Giroud, who regularly scores more than people give him credit for. Tonight, he’s gone for Giroud.

It’s a long trip to Zagreb for Arsenal tonight, but one they’ll be hoping will kickstart their season a little bit and allow them to begin a run of form that will see them challenge Manchester City, Manchester United and possibly a resurgent Chelsea for the title later on in the season.

But for tonight, the focus is simply on getting out of the Champions League group, and here are the men trusted to do it…