Does Dennis Bergkamp really get the credit he deserves?

Arsenal striker Dennis Bergkamp

Though Arsenal have not won a trophy for seven years, of course, many Arsenal fans will not have forgotten about Arsenal’s great ‘Invincibles’ run, where the Gunners went unbeaten for 49 games in the Premier League.

Many over the years have tried to compare Arsenal’s greatest players. However, while Thierry Henry wins a lot of the plaudits, outside of the Arsenal faithful, is Dutch legend Dennis Bergkamp really mentioned enough for his great achievements for the club?

Arsenal’s ‘Invincibles’ team are given much credit for their stunning unbeaten run. But, while many talk about Thierry Henry’s achievements, could it be said that Dennis Bergkamp, along with other members of the team should be praised more for their contributions to Arsenal’s successes in the early 2000s? It seems that many Arsenal fans consider Dennis Bergkamp to be one of the club’s biggest legends.

I have even seen it be suggested how trying to choose whether Thierry Henry or Dennis Bergkamp is the best is like trying to choose between a mum and dad. Could it be said that perhaps some may not mention Dennis Bergkamp as, say, Thierry Henry, because people outside the Arsenal faithful may not understand the connection between fans of the Gunners and Dennis Bergkamp?

He played for Arsenal for 11 years, making 423 appearances and scoring 120 goals for the Gunners. He also showed great loyalty and commitment to the Gunners, unlike many other Arsenal players, he retired as an Arsenal player, and talking about retiring if he could not stay at Arsenal before extending his contract for the 2005/6 season, despite Ajax being interested in him.

So, could it be said that Arsenal fans are always going to laud his talents more than others because of his connection with the club?

Dennis Bergkamp is seen as a footballing legend for many reasons. He scored superb goals, had awareness tactically, prowess physically, the ability to pick out killer passes, accuracy, and many other things. Could it be said that while Thierry Henry is one of Arsenal’s greatest ever players, Dennis Bergkamp should maybe get more credit. Could it be said that a big part of Arsenal’s success was down to some of Dennis Bergkamp’s work as well as the efforts made by Arsenal’s top goal scorer?

However, Dennis Bergkamp’s great talents have been recognised by the footballing world. He got into the National Football Museum Hall of Fame in 2007, becoming the first ever Dutch player to achieve this. He has garnered much acclaim, for example, being picked by Pelé as one of FIFA’s 100 greatest living players.

However, could it be said that his talent and achievements are not mentioned enough by the media and fans of clubs other than Arsenal? Although, could the case be that perhaps he is not mentioned more because of the sheer number of great Arsenal players during that era like Thierry Henry, Patrick Vieira and Robert Pirès?

But are his achievements for Arsenal given enough attention? How much attention is given to his 22 goals in the 1997/8 season that helped Arsenal to a League title and an FA Cup, for example? What about his brilliant goal against Newcastle in 2002?

Dennis Bergkamp is considered by many to be one of the greatest footballers ever. However, should more people who are not Arsenal fans take notice of the highlights of his career?
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