Five amazing facts you might not know about Arsenal

Did you know: Spurs have finished above every Premier League club except Arsenal since Arsène Wenger took charge? The Gunners have a long and distinguished history that has provided more than the typical quota of interesting nuggets, so here’s FIVE other interesting facts you might not know about Arsenal FC:

1) Arsenal are the only league team still in existence that has never been relegated. The club has been in top flight English football every season since 1919, the longest run for any team.

2) Arsenal are nicknamed ‘The Gunners’ because they were formed by a group of cannon makers at the Woolwich Arsenal in 1886.

3) Arsène Wenger, the first foreign coach to win the English Premiership title back in 1998, is the longest serving manager in any of the top four divisions of English football.

4) Arsenal are the first English team to beat Real Madrid at Santiago Bernabeu, Bayern Munich at Allianz Arena and AC Milan at San Siro.

5) Arsenal played in the first match broadcast live on television, against their reserve counterparts in 1937 and have since participated in the world’s first live 3D and interactive football matches, both with Manchester United.

So there you have it. Next time Arsenal FC is a topic of your local pub quiz, your mates will be buying you a round after you knock it out of the park!