Five reasons this Arsenal ace would be a great signing for West Ham

With West Ham moving into an untouched stadium which has already sold over 50,000 season tickets, the opportunity to play under Slaven Bilic next season seems like a very attractive one. And for one Arsenal forward, it’s a move that he should seriously consider before his career falls away before his very eyes.

Theo Walcott is in footballing purgatory. He’s not a first-team player at Arsenal anymore and his chances of even starting a game at the EUROs look incredibly slim after what has been another poor season at the Emirates. It’s frustrating because when he made the move from Southampton all those years ago, he had so much potential and many touted him as the next Wayne Rooney. But, it hasn’t happened and he’s struggled with injury and dips in form season after season.

So why should he make the move to West Ham? Here’s FIVE reasons….

Minutes/Starting time


One thing West Ham could offer Walcott is minutes. He’d be a starter in that West Ham team and at 27-years-old, he should really be hitting the peak in his career now. He’s left it a little late after a few disappointing seasons at Arsenal, but this could be his chance to play 50 games in a season.

A chance to get in the England squad

Theo Walcott

Let’s face it, no bench-warmer is going to break into, or remain in an international squad (unless you’re from San Marino). If Walcott wants to mount a serious push for the England team, a move to West Ham would make sense. He’s not a big player at Arsenal anymore and he needs to move on in order to build back his international aspirations.

West Ham are on the up

West ham Olympic

A brand-spanking new stadium and the chance to play in front of over 60,000 people every week must be pretty tempting. Aside from Arsenal and Manchester United, you don’t get that chance in many places in Europe, let alone the Premier League, of such grandeur. It’s an exciting project and would be a good time to make a move to one of the Premier League’s most aspiring sides.

Dimitri Payet

Dimitri Payet 1

The chance to play with Dimitri Payet should be a big consideration in itself. The Frenchman was one of, if not the, best players in the Premier League last season and the opportunity to play with him is massive. He’s been touted with a move to some of the biggest sides in the world and if Walcott is looking to play with some real quality players then he won’t do much better than Dimi Payet.

Arsenal chasing a striker

Theo Walcott

If the Gunners do in fact bring a new striker to the Emirates, that in itself would spell the end of Walcott’s already beleaguering Arsenal career. Any other attacking option’s potential arrival would mean even more time on the bench for Walcott. Whilst it would improve Arsenal’s squad no-end it would be bad news for Theo, and it could be this that pushes him to eventually leave.