Five reasons Wenger doesn’t deserve Arsenal fan backlash

Arsene Wenger has taken a huge amount of stick in recent weeks. The Arsenal boss has been teetering on the brink of fan hatred for a couple of years and we finally saw the tragedy of A4 posters and comically poor banners in their most recent home game against Norwich.

Success has not been enough for Arsenal fans and the Gunners’ millionth consecutive top four finish doesn’t seem enough to cut it nowadays. Perhaps the Arsenal crowd could benefit from putting some of their frustration towards supporting the team… Just a thought!

A third place finish looks likely this season and, despite Arsenal fans’ protests, it will still have seen the club out-perform many of their cash-splashing rivals. The Tottenham factor has clearly played its own ‘passionate’ part, but it is hard to excuse fans who have been so ardently against a man who has done so very much for their club.

Luckily we are here for you Arsene. So, here are FIVE reasons why Wenger deserves some slack…


Arsenal Invincibles

Sides aren’t meant to go a whole league season unbeaten. It’s just plain wrong, it defeats the idea of ‘anyone beating anyone’ in football and Arsene Wenger’s golden Premier League seasonĀ has etched him into the managerial hall of fame.

However, it is not just that one season. The double before the turn of the millennium, the Champions League Final and a couple of recent FA Cups show how much Wenger has done for Arsenal.

Enigmatic stars


Mesut Ozil’s dips in form cannot solely be blamed on Wenger. Neither can Alexis Sanchez’s late arrival to the Premier League title challenge party.

The manager does have a role to play, but, surely, the fans can’t plaster all the choking blame on Wenger. The players must shoulder some responsibility for the continued failure to push for a league title and – although Wenger might be buying the wrong players – he shouldn’t face the tirades of abuse just for this.

Funny things…

Who do you need to sign to compete with Leicester next season?

This season, of all seasons, has been filled with bizarre goings on.

Leicester City have won the league, Chelsea have crumbled like never before and Manchester City have imploded. Arsenal – out of every year – should have won the league. They haven’t, but the incredible forces of Tottenham and Leicester have broken the rule book.

Maybe just let him off this year, yeah?

Look at me now…

Arsene Wenger (16)

Arsenal are, unquestionably, better off than when Wenger arrived.

It might be time for him to go, but the net improvement that the club have made during his time is deserving of being treated with a little more respect.

Who else?

Wenger banner

The funniest thing about many of the protesting Arsenal fans is that they have little idea who they would like to take over from Wenger.

Piers Morgan used to dream of Jurgen Klopp, now it’s Jose Mourinho or Diego Simeone. What do they really want?

A proven winner who will look for victory at all costs? Or do they want pretty football and success? Some fans don’t know, some just want trophies and others are so filled with Wenger hatred they are just lost. The options aren’t plentifulĀ at the moment and that needs to be considered.