Karim Benzema

Real Madrid Striker Karim Benzema

Regardless of the strikers Arsenal already possess, the signing of Benzema would blow Arsenal fans out of the water. Arsene Wenger would give himself some time if he could pull off the signing of one of the world’s few genuinely world class centre forwards.

Benzema has proven game after game that he is a force to be reckoned with. Yet, last season he was forced to play a bit part role sharing game time with Gonzalo Higuain. Benzema could be one of the first players Real Madrid look to sell to buy a striker more of new manager Carlo Ancelotti’s mould and of course fund the signing of Gareth Bale.

Whatever Real Madrid do, the onus is on Arsene Wenger and his management team to make the first move for players like this however bold and unrealistic the media or anyone else purport it to be.