Footballers are notorious for social media misuse – but this Arsenal star shows them how it’s done

It seems like every day there is a new media report about something that is utterly false. Some stories just seem to come out of thin air, with absolutely nothing but a mysterious ‘source’ to back up the claim, but clearly without very much backing at all.

A lot of these stories, whilst perhaps not purely fabricated, are at least based upon idle speculation. Sometimes, as seems to be the case very often with Jurgen Klopp and Liverpool these days, it’s because a manager has worked with a player with some degree of success in the past. Other times it’s speculation based on what a player or a manager said months or even years ago.

But today’s reports in the Sun told us that Mesut Ozil would leave Arsenal if Arsene Wenger stayed at the club past this summer.

And then something happened that never happens, and it makes you wonder why not. Mesut Ozil himself took to Twitter to rubbish the reports.

In an age where the biggest and juiciest news stories – such as this one – get the full viral treatment, being shared, rehashed and repackaged by other news outlets, it would seem like the best way to quell the rumours would simply be to jump onto your phone and put a stop to it there and then.

Footballers are notorious for their misuse of social media, but maybe if were to take to Twitter and the like to rubbish lazy news stories then maybe journalists would think twice about writing stories with no basis. That certainly seems like the most prudent way a footballer should use his smartphone. Just a thought.