Four of the funniest forfeits from bets involving Arsenal

“Let’s make things interesting” – a peculiar phrase that has haunted humanity pretty much since the dawn of man, when cavemen would bet a week’s worth of meat on who can smash the most rocks over their head without dying.

After all, if you have to ‘make things interesting’ by sticking a stupid wad of cash (or meat) on it, then the logical solution would be to find a new hobby that’s enjoyable without putting your savings at risk.

Nonetheless, as we all know, personal pride takes over and the next minute you’ve agreed to climb the Eiffel Tower naked if England don’t win EURO 2016.

And it seems Arsenal are the most common club such proposition bets involving funny forfeits are based around. Perhaps because the Gunners are hilariously inconsistent, or perhaps because their fans think they’ll win the league every time they beat Norwich City 5-0.

So without further ado, here are the FOUR funniest forfeits as a consequence of Arsenal bets, featuring FootballFanCast’s very own Niall Coen!


Usain Bolt
Usain Bolt is everybody’s favourite sprinter and a notorious Manchester United fan – even once begging Sir Alex Ferguson for a trial at Old Trafford. But back in October, the Jamaican record-breaker was forced to pose in an Arsenal shirt on his own instagram account after losing a bet to Mexican TV presenter Patty Lopez de la Cerda. The caption read; “So i lost a bet with @pattylopezdelac that man untied would win but they didn’t so I have to pay up on my bet so sorry guys. #nothappy #seriousface.”


‘Bet your house on it’ is a classic gambling cliche, but Arsenal fan Henry Dhabasani and Manchester United supporter Rashid Yiga took the phrase all too seriously back in November 2013. The two clubs were facing each other for the first time since Robin van Persie’s controversial switch to Old Trafford and Henry bet his house on a Gunners win, whilst Yiga put his new Toyota AND HIS WIFE on the Red Devils. The Gunners lost 1-0, leaving Henry and his family homeless.


No gallery of Arsenal bets would be complete without mentioning Piers Morgan and his age-old nemesis Alan Sugar – hilariously self-deprecating Gunners and Spurs fans respectively who constantly claim to be envious of the other’s north London allegiance. They don’t seem to have this rivalry thing quite worked out. Case in point being Alan Sugar betting a whopping £10k on Arsenal winning the league, with Morgan betting they won’t. Fortunately, it was all for a fantastic cause – Great Ormond Street children’s hospital.


And last but certainly not least is our very own Niall Coen, The big boss at FootballFanCast. A lifelong Tottenham fan, this must have felt like holy water on a vampire, burning away at his undead flesh. So is Niall now a Gooner? Is he still Spurs through and through? We’re not going to judge. Firstly, because he’s one of our own. And secondly, because he pays our wages!

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