Frustrating £140,000 per week striker provides Arsenal boss with major headache

Though Olivier Giroud often bares the brunt of much of the abuse thrown at the failing Arsenal frontline, perhaps he is not the only man to blame.

It seems as if the Frenchman is either a few goals away from being lauded, or a couple of misses short of being lambasted.

Perhaps that is something that will never leave the striker, who has proved divisive ever since moving to North London in 2012.

However, teammate Theo Walcott, who has been deployed as the frontman in place of Giroud often enough, gets off lightly as a result.

Such is the nature of the perception of Giroud in this country, we often forget just how long Walcott has been a Gunners player without ever pulling up any trees.

At 27 years of age, the former Southampton prodigy has proved ineffective more often than not across his decade with the club.

In fact, he’s a reflection on the club’s last decade as a whole. Thrillingly slick against weaker opposition on occasion, though often fails to impact on the bigger games.

Now, he has lost his place to the emerging Alex Iwobi, who got the nod against Barcelona in midweek, as well as in today’s crunch game away at Everton.

It’s a sad reflection on a player who created such a buzz when he emerged on the South Coast, but even sadder on Arsenal Football Club as a whole.

This is a man who has captained the side TWICE recently, though really has done nothing to warrant being kept on for over 10 years.