Guess which Arsenal and Man City stars boast the best win rate in PL history!

When thinking of the most successful players in the history of the Premier League, some iconic names immediately come to mind – Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes, John Terry, Thierry Henry and Wayne Rooney, to name but a few.

But in terms of win percentage, none of those players even make the top ten. Indeed, they may boast countless Premier League and Champions League titles between them but these lads completely blow them out of the water, as revealed by @EPLStatMan:

You might not even recognise some of the names on this list and quite frankly, we don’t blame you. Asier Del Horno, for example, is considered to be one of the worst signings of the Roman Abramovich era at Chelsea – with his west London career stopping after those 25 games.

Likewise, Stefan Savic lasted just the one season at Manchester City before being swapped for Fiorentina’s Matija Nastasic, whilst Igors Stepanovs will be forever famed for his role in Arsenal’s 6-1 defeat to Manchester United, effectively deciding the 2000/01 Premier League title.

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