He does what? Arsenal boss’ weird habit revealed…

We all have ways of dealing with frustration. Yelling, kicking or punching random objects, counting silently to 10… the list goes on, but does walking barefoot on grass make yours? No, us neither.

Yet it seems that it is Arsene Wenger’s method of choice for coping with stress, with his former player Emmanuel Petit having dished the dirt on his one time boss. The long-haired Frenchman says that when the going got tough, the Gunners chief would simply remove his shoes and get in touch with mother nature:

“He has tics. When he’s fuming and needs to think, he walks barefoot on grass.” He told France Football.

“He needs to be in touch with elements. Like in The Matrix.”

He’s sure to have done just that after his side’s 3-1 home loss to Monaco a few weeks ago, and Arsenal fans will be hoping that he’s not out on the pitch at the Stade Louis II at any stage this evening… although he may be more use than Per Mertesacker at the back!