Here’s a stunning view of Arsenal’s goal against Boro

For numerous years Arsenal have been considered “The Barcelona” of the Premier League. Barcelona are known for dominating games through possession and one touch passing, which allows the team to slow the pace of the game and speed it up at very high frequencies.

It is this tactic and strategy that Arsene Wenger has embedded and instilled into his Arsenal team.

It is never surprising to see that Arsenal have majority possession at the end of games and have players that have more passes and touches than there opponents. The mentality of Arsenal is that they are a cohesive unit that scores goals as a team.

Although the team boasts a plethora of stars, most of the goals they produce are the products of acute passing and a keen sense of positional awareness to make a cheeky pass and create an assist.

This goal against Middlesbrough may not have the same class as that famous goal against Norwich, but is a great example of the mentality and strategy implemented at the Emirates…