How has Arsene Wenger has turned things around at Arsenal?

Things have not been easy for Arsene Wenger this season. Despite leading his side to silverware at the end of last season, fans were unsettled with the Frenchman.

Early in the season, Arsenal recorded draws against Manchester City, Everton, north London rivals Tottenham Hotspur and Premier League newcomers Leicester City.

Meanwhile, early on in their Champions League campaign, Arsenal were not doing too badly. When they faced Galatasary, Danny Welbeck even managed to score a hat trick. Yet the week before Arsene Wenger was hounded at Stoke. A 3-2 loss was enough for fans to turn on their long serving manager, as they heckled him when he tried to board a train back to London. It was a low point for not only Wenger, but the fans themselves.

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The second half of the season has been far more successful for the north London side. Usually, Arsenal do well in the earlier stages of the Premier League, yet tend to bottle it towards the end. Back in January, Manchester City were tipped to battle Chelsea in order to defend their Premier League title. But Manchester City did not plan for the arrival of a certain Olivier Giroud.

Giroud put a dent in City’s title hopes, along with a penalty from Santi Cazorla, and Arsenal’s away win was a big deal at the beginning of the year. Only Stoke had managed to take three points from City at the Etihad before then. This began the real turning point for Arsenal, and more importantly Wenger, who needed to salvage his season.

Arsenal’s biggest win this season came at home against Aston Villa at the beginning of February. Five goals and five different scorers – Giroud, Ozil, Walcott, Cazorla and Bellerin. This game may have put a nail in the coffin for Paul Lambert’s career, but it helped to revive Arsene’s.

Now Arsenal are in second place and are set to stay there. There was a question as to whether they could even make the top four just a few short months ago.

They are also on course to retain the FA Cup, unless Tim Sherwood’s Aston Villa can stop them. Arsenal fans were calling for Wenger’s head at the end of last year, but now they are singing his praises.

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