HYS: Who should Arsenal sign to start new era of success post-Wenger?

Arsenal have made the first step towards building a new era of success at the Emirates with the long-overdue removal of Arsene Wenger, but more action is required.

A new man in the hotseat – and Mikel Arteta is the current favourite – is a good start but surgery to the playing staff, who have become complacent and too used to the ideas of one man, is also required in order to transform the club’s fortunes and change the opinions of a restless fanbase who have become too accustomed to the same old failings.

With it being World Cup year and the transfer window closing earlier than ever before – not to mention many elite clubs looking to close the gap on Manchester City – it looks tougher than ever to get the business done to strengthen.

There are no shortage of names being banded around and we’ve compiled a list of 24 targets – including Leon Bailey, valued at £40.5m by Transfermarkt, Arsenal may hope to get over the line in a busy summer and asked you to choose the ones you would most like to see.

Let us know by up and down voting below who you would like to see at the Emirates by the start of next season…