Is Arsenal’s season in danger of falling off a cliff?

Oh dear, oh dear.

If you are a Gunners fan, it’s time to put that red and white shirt in a drawer, lock it and open it next season when by then, you might actually have something to look forward to.

There will be many other fans who would willingly swap places with the Arsenal because you are third in the Premier League, just about still in the Champions League and hanging onto your place in the next round of the FA Cup. Other than that, Arsenal are a disaster.

Always so close, yet so far, Arsenal are continually the bridesmaid and the lack of fire power, cohesion in defence and a gaping lack of creativity in midfield makes you more like goners than Gooners.

Obviously, I’m no Arsenal fan and it’s only my opinion, but the season is sliding away and there appears to be no handbrake to pull at the moment. Players are injured, that’s true, but a lot of clubs have injured players and they don’t appear to be caving in as quickly as Arsenal. How bothered do the injured players seem? They are OK actually. They are not playing, so they can’t be blamed, they are still raking in their money while they are nothing short of pampered at the health spa they call the Arsenal treatment room – so they are not worried. Why should they be?

Barcelona in the Champions League was always a tough call for any team and it was just Arsenal’s luck when they were drawn against them. We all want the English clubs to do well, so there was a feeling of pity for the Gunners – but not for too long. 2-0 down and you have to go to Spain next. Oh well, there’s always next year. Arsenal rather boringly always manage to scrape into a Champions League place and no doubt they will again. Yawn.

The FA Cup has been the saving grace of Arsenal football club and the whinging, whining, boring figure that is Arsene Wenger. Thank you Arsene for all you’ve done. The best manager Arsenal have ever had in terms of success, but this genie has no magic left and it’s time to pop him back into the bottle, never to be opened again. With all the money at his disposal, he buys a goalkeeper. Anyone could see that Arsenal needed a quality striker and that’s only the start. The defence is everywhere and nowhere and the club need some tough tackling, intelligent centre backs and not the muppet show that’s playing now.

Don’t get me wrong, when Arsenal are on song – and they were half decent for 70 odd minutes at home to Barcelona – they are OK, but only really OK. Surely Arsenal fans deserve and want more and surely, if Mr. Wenger is going to stay in the job, then he needs to buy big. How did this Frenchman with his network of spies in France, not pick up on Dimitri Payet? How did West Ham get him? Imagine him in red and white.

So, out of the Champions League again, out of the  A Cup because Hull City will want it more and the desire for revenge will be running through the Tigers’ veins, that just leaves the league.

Top player, Alexis Sanchez has even come out and spoken up: “Sometimes we lack the mentality that we are already winning 1-0 when we go out on to the pitch,” Sanchez told Directv Sports. “We lack this hunger to believe that we can be champions. If we go out onto to the pitch with hunger to become champions, to win the Premier League or the Champions League we can achieve it.”

No belief, no hunger, no guts. The Manchester United game was murder to watch if you were an Arsenal fan. The way United have been lately, it was all there for the taking, but Arsenal didn’t want it. Swansea was another smack around the head and now the Gunners face a tougher task with the North London derby. It will be a hell of a match to watch, if both teams turn up, but it could be pure bloodshed and another nail in the Wenger coffin.

Arsenal will finish top four. They always do, but if I was an Arsenal fan, I’d want a clear-out and quality, big name signings coming in, that have the heart to wear the colours with pride. The Gunners are synonymous with the Premier League and with Europe and with silverware, but right now they are slip sliding away to not very much at all.

And what’s worse than a disappointing Arsenal? A very good Spurs team that are above you and three points clear.

There’s always next season, lads.