Look at how much Arsenal have relied on this star all season

Aaron Ramsey’s impact at Arsenal this season has been nothing short of a unbelievable.

During the first half of the season, the Welshman was almost unstoppable is he fired Arsenal to the top of the Premier League and, at the time, looked to be spearheading a real attempt at bringing the title back to North London.

But an injury against West Ham on boxing temproraily halted his impact, having to then sit out of 14 games and watch Arsene Wenger’s side crumble in the title race and crash out of the Champions League.

And some stats published recently have shown just how much Arsenal have relied on Ramsey this season and how important he has been to their attacking play.

See the stats below and realise just how much Wenger could have done with Ramsey for the entire campaign. Who knows, they might have still been in the title race had he not got injured…

Aaron Ramsey stats