New Arsenal ace paying off his fee in unusual way

New Arsenal ace Danny Welbeck seems to be paying back his transfer fee already, all be it in quite an unusual way.

When you speak about a player paying back his fee, you would usually think of referring to shirt sales, a high goal scoring tally, putting in a lot of effort for his new club and along those sort of lines, however Welbeck seems to have found an even better way to repay his transfer fee to Arsenal.

It seems the new Arsenal striker has got someone working on the inside at the Royal Mint and put his picture on the new £10 notes in place of her majesty the Queen’s face. Arsenal fans have been flocking to the cash points to withdraw as much money as possible to purchase club merchandise and season tickets with the newly printed notes so that the England star can begin to re-coup some of the costs incurred in bringing him to the club.