Nicklas Bendtner hits the post…literally!

Arsenal striker Nicklas BendtnerWhen a footballer plays for an esteemed club like Arsenal he will be looking to make an impression but it looks like Nicklas Bendtner went too far with that.

The Dane returned to Arsenal after a full 767 days and played last night against West Brom for the Capital One Cup.

The striker didn’t manage to hit the net but he did manage to hit the post – with himself.

During the match Bendtner tried to get a header after a cross from the left but the striker apparently got too eager and hit himself on Luke Daniels’s right post.

Truth be told, the Dane did hit his ribs but fortunately the injury was not heavy and he continued the rest of the game where he also scored a penalty during the shoot-out.

That which does not kill us makes us stronger boys and girls.

Check the gif below for the unfortunate incident: