Oh dear… Is this leaked effort really Arsenal’s 2016/17 kit?

Arsenal fans haven’t had a lot to cheer about of late. From being title favourites, the Gunners have slipped away into their usual battle for a top four finish, and although they’re likely to win that and book yet another campaign of Champions League football, they’ve also been dumped out of the FA Cup by Watford and played off of the park in European action by Barcelona.

Aaaaaaaand it could get even worse for Arsenal supporters, who may have to put up with their side wearing this monstrosity of a kit in 2016/17:

On first glance we thought ‘hey, that’s not too bad’, but it seems the longer one looks at this the more faults can be picked out. What’s that white across the shoulders and neck all about? Blue shorts? Really? And don’t get us started on the socks.

Alas, this may not be Arsenal’s actual new kit, as this time of year is often littered with fake leaked images. That’s something to cling on to, Gooners…