Piers Morgan has just given this Arsenal star a reason not to score against Barcelona in the Champions League

Well, ladies and gentlemen, we have ourselves a wager.

Depending on their general level of squeamishness, football fans across the country will either be hardcore Arsenal fans when they play against Barcelona in the last 16 of the Champions League, or they will be diehard against Arsenal for those two nights of European action.

Or, at least, they will either be categorically for or against Olivier Giroud.

That’s because this morning, on national radio, berated Arsenal fan and general footballing pariah, Piers Morgan announced that he would do this:

At first glance, you start to think ‘wow, I’m so up for seeing Piers Morgan humiliate himself in such a public way, especially after being proved wrong’. But then you start to think, ‘wow, do I really want to see pasty, pudgy, goosebumped flesh jiggle its way around the Emirates Stadium totally naked?’

It’s hard enough to watch Wayne Rooney do it, but at least he has the decency to do it with clothes on!

This is sure to split Arsenal fans – some will want to lose just to be spared this spectacle, others will start wishing for a Giroud injury before the Champions League tie begins!

Here’s to hoping that someone wealthy hero will come along and offer to donate a ridiculous amount of money to charity if Piers stays at home and strips in the privacy of his bedroom instead.