Potential Arsenal transfer U-turn shows just how far Leicester have come

It was a magical, magical season for Leicester and as the EUROs come ever closer, some of their biggest stars are being linked with moves away from the King Power Stadium.

As much as we all knew this would be the case, many would like to see the Foxes’ squad stay together and have a real go at the Champions League, but in the modern game money talks, and this could determine how many of their stars leave this summer.

And one player who has been approached by one of the Premier League’s biggest sides is Jamie Vardy, who has been offered a huge wage as the Gunners attempt to prise him away from Leicester.

Whilst the hype from this news whipped around the country like a hurricane, there was no development until days later when we found out that Leicester were ready to make a counter-offer to one of their most precious individuals. This is yet to be resolved yet either, but Vardy’s hesitation to sign a deal at the Emirates Stadiumright away shows just how far the club have come in a season.

Ask Jamie Vardy whether he would have jumped at the chance to move to Arsenal this time last season and he would have bitten your hand off. Fast-forward a year, and that group of Leicester players have made history together, and many appear to want to keep the same group of individuals that did so well to win the title.

It’s a funny game but Vardy’s reluctance to sign up straight away is a massive credit to everyone at Leicester that worked so hard to achieve the success they did last season. Money aside, at this point in time, there is little the Gunners can offer Jamie Vardy that he can’t get just where he is.

Game time – check. A place in the Champions league – check. Opportunities to play in the biggest pre-season tournaments around the world – check. You name it, Vardy has it at Leicester, until the big-bucks come into play. Whilst Arsenal do have a prestigious history and one of the best managers in the country, it might make for a curious move if Vardy ditches everything he has achieved at Leicester in a heartbeat.

And as quick as he has jetted out to France, there have been an array of reports and stories suggesting that Vardy wouldn’t ‘fit’ the Arsenal way of play, with Paul Merson being particularly cynical about the success the Englishman could achieve at the north of London.

What Vardy needs to do now is keep his head down, focus on the EUROs and consider club football on his return to England. Banging in goals in France will only boost his credentials further. Whether this ends up being good news for Leicester or Arsenal, we’ll have to wait and see.