Should Arsenal spend big just to please the fans?

Arsene Wenger - Arsenal (1996-present)

So, it could be said that Arsenal are not having the best of times right now. Some have even called it a crisis.

However, though many fans and members of the media have been calling for Arsène Wenger to start spending to try and get the Gunners out of the doldrums, the manager still does not seem keen to hit the transfer market in a big way.

Nevertheless, is it now the time for the manager to tweak his mentality and start making more signings to keep the fans on side?

It has seemed recently that a wave of anti-Wenger sentiment appears to be developing, with Arsenal suffering poor results.

It would probably be hard to argue with the pessimism of many fans currently. Arsenal are seventh in the Premier League table right now and have suffered their worst start to a season since 1994. Arsenal’s squad as it is currently does not seem to be good enough to compete for the big prizes. It could be asked whether it is realistic that Arsène Wenger would not realise the current set-up does not seem to be working.

However, whether he thinks this or not, comments he made a few days ago do not seem to suggest that he will be changing his mind on his policy anytime soon. He said: “Football is more than just splashing out. It’s much deeper, much bigger than that. It’s about sweat. Thinking. Working hard. I believe the pride of his country, historically, is built on that.” He said how the philosophy “won’t change.”

He said: “It doesn’t mean we will not spend money. I am always painted like a guy who refuses to spend money, but I just think I act like a responsible manager because we went through a period where we had restricted funds and I acted in a responsible way. We want to be the best. But being the best is not only about buying players. We need to continue with what has made our strength until now.”

Nevertheless, now that Arsenal do not seem to be short of money anymore, after it was announced that Arsenal had signed a five-year sponsorship contract with the Emirates airline worth £150 million, could it be said that they do not have the excuse of not having enough money to spend more?

Though I personally admire Arsène Wenger for his desire to develop players and am not keen to join in the calls to have him sacked, I would really like for Arsenal to sign a really big talent or two in the transfer window. Could it be said that Arsenal’s recent form is proof that reinforcements are needed and that change is needed for Arsenal to perform better?

Though it could be argued making panic signings just to appease supporters might not be the best plan or could be seen as a quick fix, could it be said that with Arsenal’s poor results that it is a matter of urgency to buy? Also, with some believing Arsène Wenger should be sacked and questions over his future at the club, can he really afford to not make more signings? Would he be putting his job at risk if he did not do so?

It seems that the fans are restless about the lack of significant signings in recent years, and maybe Arsenal should now buy more players to ease discontent. Could it be said that Arsenal would be better off if the club had happy fans who did not boo at the final whistle during a home match?

With how Arsenal are doing this season, could it be said that if a team has results like some of the ones Arsenal have had recently, that the current team is not good enough? Could it be said that the fans are the people that those in charge of Arsenal should be listening to?

Whether Arsenal spend big just to please the fans or not, it seems that new signings are needed. Are those in charge damaging the club by not spending enough?
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