Soccer Mum signs for Arsenal

Arsene Wenger’s claim that Kim Kallstrom was injured when he signed him for Arsenal may not actually be true, particularly if these developments on Twitter are to be believed.

When the Gunners announced the loan signing of Spartak Moscow’s Swedish midfielder on Transfer Deadline Day, thousands of Arsenal fans on Twitter took to the social network to welcome their new recruit.

But, little did they know, they were actually congratulating Kim Kallstrom of Knoxville, USA. She took the barrage of welcome tweets fairly well, admitting she was indeed a “Soccer Mom.”

But with the ‘real’ Kallstrom still no where to be season, has Wenger unwittingly signed a Soccer Mum from Tennesse?

What makes it even more suspicious is the fact Kim’s son also wears the number 29 for his soccer team. Spooky.