Sterling admits he wanted to join Arsenal as a youngster, fans react

Raheem Sterling burst onto the scene at Liverpool, but he has really made a name for himself since joining Manchester City in 2015.

The winger has thrived under Pep Guardiola’s leadership, particular last season when he scored 23 goals and created 17 assists in all competitions.

For some reason, the 23-year-old has had a difficult relationship with the media, who have hounded him for his spending.

The England international, who has earned 39 caps for his country, has now given his take on the situation.

In a piece for The Players Tribune, Sterling opened up about his difficult upbringing and how his mother has played a huge role in his success.

In one extract, the attack-minded star revealed that Arsenal were interested in signing him to their academy, but his mother convinced him to choose Queens Park Rangers as he would have more of a chance of breaking through.

“Arsenal wanted me. And when Arsenal want you, of course you’re thinking you gotta go there. Biggest club in London, you know? So I’m running around telling my mates, ‘I’m off to the Arsenal!’

“But my Mum is a proper warrior. She knows how to make it in this world. She’s probably the most streetwise person I know. She sat me down one day, and she said, ‘Look, I love you. But I don’t feel you should go to Arsenal’.

“She said, ‘If you go there, there’s going to be 50 players who are just as good as you. You’ll just be a number. You need to go somewhere where you can work your way up’.”

It turns out that it was the right decision as he eventually earned a move to Liverpool, which then led to City.

After reading Sterling’s piece, Arsenal fans wondered what could have been had they snapped up the talent.