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The FIVE Arsenal players set for a summer P45?

Every club has them. You’ll be sitting in the stands or watching on the television and you think to yourself…”How did that guy ever manage to get himself into my team? Or for that matter, the Premier League? If they threw me on the pitch, i’d at least put more effort in.”

As I said, every club has them. They’re the players that tend to fill up the lower end of the team-sheet, and although some of them may have once been good, everybody knows they’re still there on the most part because their agent at some point have managed to land them a contract that far surpasses their peak years.

Luckily however, players in the modern game are assets, like a car or a building. Cars may depreciate in value over time, for example you could buy a snazzy little automobile, only for it to become an old banger in a matter of a few years. But at least, like old bangers, flopped players can be sold on. Perhaps for much less, or even a fraction of their original price, but every little helps, and every player has a value.

Arsenal especially have become a hot-bed for European super-flops who never quite made it and now appear to be well past their best. Although most of them are out on loan to stay out of harms way, a few of them are still loitering around at the Emirates.

Here’s the top five players Arsenal need to boot out and cash-in on in the summer, and who knows, Wenger might even buy a player with the profits.

Click on Gervinho to unveil the 5 heading for a summer P45

ST Gervinho

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Article title: The FIVE Arsenal players set for a summer P45?

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