The TEN Premier League players that need to ‘pull their finger out’ this season

Despite all the focus on the transfer window and players moving here there and everywhere, something that can be just as good as a new signing is a player who pulls his finger out for the second half of the season and really lives up to the reputation that they once had – or indeed in Bendtner’s case – gave themselves.

As the business half of the season really gets into full swing, points are more vital than ever and titles are on the line- not to mention the fact that knockout competitions are reaching the point of no return and every goal or miss is vital to the team and players. Not only this, but with the Euros fast approaching and managers now making their decisions on who they want to include in their squad, it is more vital than ever for players to show what they can do and either solidify their position in the squad or indeed push their way into it.

Teams are now encountering not only injuries and suspensions, but also the loss of players to the ACON, and there is a chance for players who’s form has not warranted their inclusion in the side thus far to break into the first team and prove that they are a quality addition to the side.

So, lets take a look at the 10 Premier League players who have got it all to do in the second half of the season, and after a – shall we say – disappointing start to the season, they have the opportunity to not only improve their stats but to really help their team push on and make or break their season.

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So there you have it, my top ten. Do you have a different player who needs to pull his socks up? Comment below or follow me on twitter @RebeccaKnight01


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