This Arsenal star’s skills are as unhygienic as they are impressive

Remember that one kid at school who was a whiz with bubble gum? He’d chew on it for hours a day, blowing huge bubbles and gnashing away with a rhythmic squelch.

Well move over that kid, because Mesut Ozil is back with another chewing gum trick that will blow your mind. Again.

It was in his first season at Arsenal that Ozil managed to go viral with a very cheeky chewing gum juggle, dropping it out of his mouth and kicking it back in again.

But in an advert promoting his new Adidas boots, Ozil can be seen repeating the trick. This time he does a few keepy-ups before smashing his gum against a conveniently located camera lens.

Too good to be true this time? Yes, yes it is. But that doesn’t take away from the magic of this piece of video.

It may be edited, but the keepy-uppys he manages to do with the gum seem real, which is impressive enough, even if he didn’t manage to hit the camera. But on the evidence of that and of the original chewing gum trick, Ozil clearly has the skills when it comes to gum football.

Did he hit the camera lens for real? Only Ozil, the cameraman and those two random dudes know for sure.