This photo will make you really hope Arsenal don’t sign Benzema

It seems to happen every summer. Fans get excited about their team being linked with world class players and then go and do something stupid before a deal has even been reached – like getting said world class player’s name on the back of your team’s new away strip.

The Gunners have been linked with a move for Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema all summer. Aside from David De Gea’s proposed move to Real, Benzema to Arsenal is officially the transfer saga of summer 14/15.

Arsenal’s desperate ‘search’ for a world class goalkeeper currently appears to have only extended to Benzema. They’re either throwing all their eggs in one basket or simply aren’t that bothered either way. Who would when your current main striker Olivier Giroud can score bicycle kicks at Selhurst Park?

However, this one Arsenal fan reckons Benzema will be a Gooner before the window closes. In fact, he’s so certain, he’s had Benzema’s name printed on the back of his new away shirt with the number 9. Hang on? If he does eventually sign, what if he picks a different number?

But it’s ok, because Callum says he has “no ragrets.” Whatever that means.