This will make you hope Arsenal don’t sign Riyad Mahrez now…

I’ve always been of the belief that if you’re over 18-years-0ld (ish) then you shouldn’t be wasting your money on having a player’s name on the back of  your club’s shirt. Not unless they’re a retired club legend – that’s acceptable.

It’s the sort of thing kids do, but when adults do it it looks tacky and, quite frankly, a little tragic. Why would you waste your money on having a player’s name on your back if there’s a high chance he won’t be playing for your club for very long? Once he leaves that shirt will be useless and unwearable forever more. But I won’t judge, honest.

Anyway, if adults having players’ names on their shirts is unacceptable then adults having players’ names on the back of their shirt before they’ve even signed is borderline criminal. It’s a sad, sad thing for an adult to do. It should be banned. Illegal, even.

And that’s what this Arsenal fan has done, who is adamant Riyad Mahrez has signed for Arsenal and has got the Algerian’s name on the back of his new Gunners home shirt…

It’s tragic, isn’t it? It really does make you hope Mahrez doesn’t sign for Arsenal now. It’ll serve this fan right for being a complete muppet. Why waste your money? There is no logic behind it, even if he does sign for Arsenal.

Because he’ll only leave in a few year’s time when he gets sick of not winning the Premier League and moves back to Leicester.

I wonder whether this guy has a wardrobe full of Arsenal shirts with failed signings on the back. Gonzalo Higuain? Julian Draxler? Jamie Vardy? Karim Benzema? Dele Alli? The list is endless…


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