Three reasons Arsenal should commit to signing hat-trick hero Lacazette…

Arsenal fans are growing more and more frustrated by the day. In-fact, by the hour, or even by the minute.

It really has been a tough start to the season for Arsene Wenger’s side and that was summed up by the 4-3 home defeat to Liverpool on Sunday afternoon.

At one point, Liverpool found themselves 4-1 up at the Emirates and in dreamland, before Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain quickly got a goal with Calum Chambers adding another.

But the whole day just pointed to the fact that Arsenal need something new, something fresh. Alex Iwobi looked quiet, Theo Walcott faded away after his goal and Alexis Sanchez, to be frank, didn’t look at all interested.

The whole team needs shaking up and is screaming out for a player who is going to make everyone else around him compete.

Well, if Arsene Wenger didn’t need any more persuading as to move for a striker, Alexandre Lacazette showed the world just how good he is again this weekend.

He scored a fantastic hat-trick for Lyon to give them a 3-0 victory over newly promoted Nancy and if ever there was a signal to say “sign me”, it was this.

So after another fantastic performance, here’s THREE reasons why Wenger really should commit to signing the Frenchman…

His proven goalscoring record

You don’t get top goalscorer at your club season-after-season for no reason.

Alexandre Lacazette has dominated the goalscoring books for Lyon in recent years, so much so they haven’t really had to add to their forward ranks because their one-club-man is playing so well.

23 goals last season, 31 the season before that, 22 the season before that- if these aren’t figures to show that he will guarentee your side goals, then I don’t know what are.

He’s only ever played for Lyon

Sounds a bit strange, but hear us out.

The fact he has only ever played for one club is a real testament of his loyalty to a side that gave him his big chance back in 2009. Back then he was just an 18-year-old striker looking to prove himself but seven years on, he’s still at his boyhood club.

This loyalty would suggest that if he does eventually cut ties in France, that he will remain loyal to Arsenal, even if other offers come knocking on his door.

There is nothing worse than bringing in a top player and then seeing him jump ship at the first opportunity.

Arsenal desperately need to keep the fans onside

Judging by the boos that rang out around the Emirates during large parts of Sunday’s loss, Arsene Wenger seriously needs to do something to keep the fans on his side and a move for Lacazette really could do just that.

It’s not like he’d be wasting money in the slightest and many Arsenal fans just want to see a glimmer of ambition that all of their rivals have shown throughout the summer.

Things really need to change for the Gunners and moving for Lacazette could be a great start.